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New Tour Announced!

New Tour Announced in Australia then Europe. For more information go to our TOUR PAGE

Kiki and Pascal


“A 25 year anniversary extravaganza”

Take a highly skilled English Gentleman juggler and marry him to a Kazadorian*  farm girl who learnt contortion through questionable means and has a twisted understanding of the English language, wait 25 years and then you get the Kiki and Pascal experience.

This is a hilarious show about the journey of an unlikely couple that will make you laugh, in both good and bad ways, as they invite you into their lives through a series of beautiful and highly skilled variety acts including acrobatics, singing, juggling, contortion and magic. They look great, they are very funny, extremely talented and they may even make you cry…ok that only works on people who weep during toilet paper commercials. They are guaranteed to give you a very good time, exciting all the senses, including the one that makes you groan. This show makes you feel part of something great and makes the world a brighter place for 45 minutes. Don’t miss it, because everyone will be talking about it, but they won’t be able to explain it.

*Kazador is a small European country, so small that since Kiki left it, she cannot find it again. It is like they took it clean off the map.


What others are saying about Kiki and Pascal:

Kiki and Pascal are great. I would have them back in a New York minute. Definitely a crowd favourite at the festival.”

– Melinda Norris, Festival Director Cairns Buskers Festival


**** The funniest show that I have seen this Fringe”

– Youview Australia.


Kiki and Pascal is a great show- it’s not easy to make a second show as successful as the first, but I am convinced this one will be a hit, Tamara does it again, move over Shirlee Sunflower”

– John Logan, Director Coffs Harbour Buskers and Comedy Festival.


Buskers sensation, Kiki and Pascal amaze the big crowds.”

– Coffs Coast Independent newspaper.