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New Tour Announced!
New Tour Announced in Australia then Europe. For more information go to our TOUR PAGE

European Tour 2013



22nd-23rd June             Ashbourne International festival UK          K+P
27th-30th June              Glastonbury Festival UK                          Gt Dave, Kiki and K+P

1st and 2nd June            Buskival York UK                                    Great Dave & Kiki

22nd-23rd June             Ashbourne International festival UK          K+P

18th-20th July               Linz Street Festival Austria                      Kiki and Pascal

22nd -23rd July             Villach Festival Austria                            Kiki and Pascal
27th July                       Torquay Festival UK                                Kiki and Great Dave
28th July- 15th August  Edinburgh Festival UK                            Kiki, Great Dave, K+P
3rd-4th August             Sint Pieters Leeuw Belgium                      Shirlee Sunflower
16th August                 Moers International Comedy Fest             Germany  K+P
17th August                 Leer Kleines Fest Germany                      Kiki and Pascal
23rd August                 Clementwerth Kleines Fest Germany        Shirlee and Dave
24th August                 Kiel Duckstein Germany                          The Great Dave
30th-31st August         Pflasterzauber Hildesheim Germany         Kiki and Pascal
2nd-4th September      “Performance” Paderborn Festival             Kiki and Pascal
7th September            Kulturforum Brackenheim Germany           Shirlee Sunflower
14th-15th Sept            Openflair festival Bocham Germany           Kiki and Pascal


 20th Sept – 2nd Oct    “So you think your a Viking?”Australian National Maritime Museum                                            Kiki and Pascal
4th – 6th Oct               Mullumbimby Circus Festival, NSW             Kiki and Pascal/La Petite  Grande

26th Oct                      The Vault Cabaret, Port Kemble, NSW         Kiki

9th Oct                        Viva La Gong, Wollongong, NSW                 Kiki and Pascal/La Petite Grande
29th Nov                     The Vault on the road, Mittagong, NSW       Kiki and Pascal
6th & 20th Dec           The Rocks Bizarre, Sydney, NSW                Kiki and Pascal
27th Dec – 2nd Jan     The Falls Festival Byron Bay, NSW              Kiki and La Petite Grande
27th Dec – 3rd Jan      Taste of Tasmania, TAS                             The Great Dave
31st Dec                      New Years Eve, Paramatta, NSW                Kiki

30th Dec – 2nd Jan      The Falls Festival Byron Bay                       Kiki/La Petite Grande