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New Tour Announced!
New Tour Announced in Australia then Europe. For more information go to our TOUR PAGE

2014 Tour

Australia 2014

10th, 11th & 12th Jan    The K.I.S.S. Arts Festival, Kiama, NSW                         Kiki and Pascal

3rd – 25th Jan                Viking Show, Sydney Maritime Museum                        Director

15th – 18th Jan               Illawarra Folk Festival, Bulli, NSW    La Petite Grande & Great Dave

26th Jan                          Australia Day, Paramatta, NSW                                     Kiki and Pascal

14th Feb – 16th March  Adelaide Fringe Festival, SA                                          La Petite Grande

17th – 24th Feb              Creative development, Merringong Theatre                   Kiki

21st Feb                           Waymouth Street Parade, Adelaide, SA                        Kiki and Pascal

22nd Feb                          Royal Croquet Club, Adelaide, SA                                 Kiki and Pascal

24th Feb                           Loreta Girls School Workshop, Sydney, NSW              Kiki and Pascal

8th March                        The Vault Cabaret, Port Kembla, NSW                          Kiki

13th – 17th March           Best Of The Fringe Variety, Adelaide, SA                      The Great Dave

28th – 30th March           Melbourne Comedy Festival                                          Kiki and Pascal

6th April                           “Magic Circle”, Sydney Maritime Museum                    Kiki and Pascal

18th – 21st April               Hoopla Circus Festival, Darling Harbour, NSW           Kiki and Pascal

18th – 21st April              Hoopla Circus Festival, Darling Harbour, NSW           La Petite Grande

25th – 27th April              Ironfest Lithgow, NSW                                                 Kiki and Pascal/The Kazador

May                                    “Cassandra & the Cetacea”, ANMM, NSW                   Written and Directed

June                                   Whale show, ANMM + Vivid Festival                           Written and Directed

European Tour

14th & 15th June              Festival Epinal, France                                                  Kiki and Pascal

22nd June                         Alstadt Pur Festival, Germany                                       Kiki and Pascal

27th – 29th June              Glastonbury Festival, UK                                                Kiki & Pascal, Kiki & Great Dave

8th  – 27th July                  Kleines Fest, Hannover, Germany                                Kiki & Great Dave

2nd Aug                             Kleines Fest, Bad Pyrmont, Germany                           Kiki & Great Dave

6th & 7th Aug                    Duckstein Festival, Lubeck, Germany                          Kiki and Pascal

8th & 9th Aug                   Kleines Fest, Ludwigslust, Germany                              Kiki & Great Dave

16th Aug                            Varietenight, Leverskusen, Germany                            The Great Dave

20th & 21st Aug                Duckstein Festival, Kiel, Germany                                Kiki & Great Dave

23rd & 24th Aug                Stamp Festival, Germany                                             Kiki and Pascal