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New Tour Announced!

New Tour Announced in Australia then Europe. For more information go to our TOUR PAGE



After many years of successful solo careers, Shirlee Sunflower and The Great Dave (Tamara Campbell and Dave Evans) got married! Far from being the end of two careers, it was just the beginning of a third. Kiki and Pascal performed their first show to a tent full of drunk, muddy and shall we say “happy” festival goers at The Glastonbury Festival of Music and Contemporary Arts. They loved Kiki and Pascal… and so did Tamara and Dave. So much so in fact that only a month later, Kiki started to not fit into the small boxes as easily as before and craved mustard and celery sandwiches.  Yep, Pascal had “magicked” a bun into Kiki’s oven. Great news for them, not so good for the act. Apparently,  cutting your obviously heavily pregnant wife in half is too much even for their audience! So after a blazingly successful but short career, Kiki and Pascal hung up their magic wands and head dresses until their lives had returned to normal.

5 years later,  Kiki and Pascal flew back to the UK from Australia with their 4 year old daughter, 6 week old son and straight back into serious rehearsals for an all new show entitled “Abrakstabya”, where not only did they cut each other in half, they really went all out to try and kill each other. Their lives had returned to normal!

But again the show was short lived, “Abrakstabya” was full of large magic props  that were extremely impractical for touring when there were also two children in tow. Kiki was not a fan of the magician and assistant relationship, finding it too limiting. So after trying two different directors and three different incarnations of the show they threw it all away and started again.

Finally in mid 2011 Kiki and Pascal found themselves having come full circle and performing again at Glastonbury Festival. It was on this weekend that the Kiki and Pascal 25 year Variety Extravaganza show was born. Suddenly these loveable characters and their love for one another became clear and the longevity of their relationship became a fantastic comic tool. Most importantly, Kiki got her way and she was no longer an assistant and the show was no longer all about magic. The variety acts give the show a beautiful diversity, suddenly it was packed with singing, juggling, contortion, interactive comedy, a marriage proposal, a seven year itch a sword box and a magical surprise ending all wrapped up in the funniest love story of all time. Suddenly, the Kiki and Pascal show was skilful and hilarious and very original…it was a hit…FINALLY!

They have since toured throughout Germany, Belgium, France, England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada to audiences that were enamoured and captivated by this hilarious and unique show. With comments like “that was the best show of the festival” and “Thank you for doing something so totally different, it was fabulous,” “I love you guys, you are totally awesome,”

“That is the best and funniest show I have ever seen, I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Kiki and Pascal, a theatrical street experience that you will remember forever.